NGO Consultancy Services

Under NGO Consultancy Services we offer a variety of services in the field of NGO. The focus of our service is on gaining a thorough understanding and key concept of organization. We sharpen practical skills and develop strategies for their capacity building. Strategies are methods through which activities are implemented and objectives are achieved of any sector. We work professionally and provide quality service to our clients at the defined schedule.

  • Project proposal writing

We provide excellent consultancy in project proposal writing. A project proposal describes some sort of plan for a needed action. A project proposal may be used to obtain a federal grant or to convince a board of directors to fund a new initiative. Project proposals consist of several sections, perhaps including an executive summary, a description of the problem or goal, a history or background of existing conditions, a research review, and so on.

  • Database solution For marketing needs

Your customers/Donors/Supporters are the lifeblood of your Organisation but just how well do you know them? If you know only their email addresses, it's safe to say you could know them better. Admittedly you can contact them -- but will they want to hear what you have to say?
Our Marketing Databases can be used for Tele calling sale, Invitation, Event Campaign, Awareness ,Bulk E mail, SMS and Fundraising so on.

  • Institutional & Government Fund Raising

We have a data base of Institutions/bodies both for India & Foreign. These bodies donate huge money for the development work for the underprivileged section of the society. A project proposal mentioning the work area of the NGO, their plan & implementation programmer with audit strategy is required for Institutional or government funding.

  • Direct Mailing Application

Direct mailing application process (DMA) is a very vital aspect of fund raising techniques available for NGO sector. It is a direct marketing activity by which you take your appeal to the people & individualizing your appeal to your target Population. To make donation easy, a donor should be given following facilities

  • Business Reply Envelope (BRE)
  • Modes of payment i.e Cheque/ DD/ Cash/ Credit Card/ Bank transfer/Swift Code etc.
  • We have donor data base for across India, work as an outsourcing agency for NGOs for doing direct mailing applications process.

  • Donation Boxes

We provide consultancy for placing donation boxes at various profitable locations. A Donation Box not only creates visibility of the Ngo but also generate some money.

  • School Awareness cum sponsorship Programmer

School fundraising is one of the wide spectrum of fundraising methods by which the funds are raised from the community through the medium of school students by educating them about the cause."
Normally an event is organized in the school with the two pronged objective of creating awareness and raising funds.As a part of our consultancy work, we approach various schools for social causes and solicit their support.

  • Corporate Fund Raising

We observe that corporate fund raising in NGO sector has increased in comparison to other fund raising techniques. For a NGO, CFR means raising resource from organization (who has an agenda for corporate social responsibility) for a cause of serious concern to the society.
We provide our service so that substantial resources can be raised by tapping profitable corporate and socially responsible organizations.

  • Fund Raising through internet

This is a fund raising strategy for the new millennium. The successful fundraiser will be the one who artfully moulds fundraising principles, tactics and techniques in to the very heart of this new media. We provide excellent design of mailer, database which attracts individuals to donate for the cause.

Under NGO Consultancy Services we offer a variety of services in the field of NGO. The focus of our service is on gaining a thorough understanding and key concept of organization.

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