Features - Mobile giving solution

The Mobile Giving program is a mobile engagement and communication tool designed to help you build your supporter database. It is ideal for nonprofits interested in managing volunteers, raising awareness about events, and polling supporters about their interests.

How Mobile Giving Solution Works


Send text message

raise money

Send text message
raise money

Register your Non-Profit Organization with Mobile Giving Program and get a Shared keyword and short code.


Donors text your keyword to your short code and make a mobile donation from their cell phone.

Example: "MGIVING" to "57XX7"
Keyword= "MGIVING"
Short Code= "57XX7"

As per the telecom operator users will be charged on there cell phone bill, collected from cell phone carriers, & 10%-30% of the Charged Amount will be distributed to your organization as Donation.


Mobile Giving Service & Mobile Fundraising Program for NGOs in India
Our products and services empower you to reach your goals through the power of mobile technology.
We offer the solutions and strategic expertise necessary to help you grow your community,
optimize fundraising, and create a movement.

Grow your supporters reach and build your mobile community.
The Mobile Giving Community Program is right for you if…

  • You are exploring mobile as another communication channel
  • You are looking to build your database of supporters
  • You are seeking to move your organization to the next stage of success
  • You are an NGO & wants to generate min  Rs. 10,000/year in revenue as fundraising


Mobile Giving Feature

  • Web-based platform to manage your campaigns in real time
  • Mobile donation tracking and reporting tools
  • Mobile Polling and reporting capabilities
  • Links to web pages through text

Mobile Giving Benefits

  • Get Real timely messages out to your supporters
  • Open a new channel to reach annual fundraising goals
  • Make your fundraising events and campaigns more interactive
  • Build a community of long-term supporters
  • Increase chances of compelling your audience to take action
  • Segment your audience for the most relevant and effective communications
  • Gain access to a powerful communication channel
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